I wish my cat would answer me when I ask him, "Hey Ash, ya feelin' better?"

He's been getting into normal mischief including climbing on top of the TV and refrigerator. Also chewing on my purple tulips that I bought myself. Oh, he managed to knock them down too. They lasted 1.32 days.

Today when I got home from my day I knew he'd be hungry but once again he hadn't eaten his food. (It's been awhile since he hasn't pigged it all up.)

So, back to the normal routine. Shove a couple pills down his throat, mix in powdered meds with beef baby food and then give him some Saw Palmetto. Apparently it's supposed to help him "go." The Vet told me to give it to him even if I think he may be straining. Cool. Except it must taste bad because he yaks it up half the time.

And then right to the liquid under his skin. Hopefully the next couple days of that will have him good as

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    A healthy cat became almost a dead cat in a matter of a day and a half. Some background and learning as I go!


    March 2011