One night in mid August of 2006 I got called off of work, and not knowing what else to do, began to look at online animal classifieds at jsonline.com.

Verklempt because I did not have time for a dog, I decided I should get a kitten. I wasn't planning on getting one right then, but thought it would be good to see how much it might be to adopt a mini furball.

I found a listing and the price was right: 35 bucks. I called the number and left a message.

Okay, you don't need the whole story. I ended up finding a kitten that night. A black one. Oh, how ominous. I love black cats simply because some people are superstitious of them.

I named the kitten Ella. It wasn't until a few weeks later when I took the kitten to the vet that I found out the she was a he!!! I immediately took off the bright pink collar. My boy wouldn't be wearing hot pink! He was nameless for three days. I couldn't decide what to name him.

This cat is very particular. He loves to talk. Really, if I say something to him, he meows right back. (Oh, don't tell me you don't talk to your cat/dog/jellyfish when you're home alone!) He does NOT like to be cuddled but LOVES to be pet. His main concern of the day (just like his mom) when he gets to EAT!

He'll sit on books or papers if he can to make sure that he's my top priority. He is a big deal, if you must know. His favorite toys? Pens. And plastic shopping bags. Weirdo.

Almost 5 years later I noticed that he was NOT okay when he wasn't doing any of these things. He was creeping around and clearly sad and crying. He had a blockage.

I took my kitter to the vet the morning of February 25th. He didn't look good. His belly looked distended and he hadn't eaten for a whole day. (He also hadn't gone number one or number two...)

After she took a quick look at him (Asher sat in the Vet's lap the WHOLE time... which is extremely unlikely of him) she took him back. A few minutes later, she emerged to show me that she had pulled practically all blood from his bladder. Yikes. He was going into kidney failure. Quickly.

She said that if I'd waited one more day that he would be dead.

They had to catheterize him and kept him an entire weekend.

$965 bucks later, and 6 different pills/powders to give him, he's still alive and starting to act like the normal Asher that I know and love. But we're not out of the woods yet.

I have to change his diet. Drastically. His food was the main culprit of his bladder blockage. He was eating Purina Indoor Formula. To which my vet told me was terrible for him. I need to switch him to filler-free kitty food. No corn, wheat or other byproducts. It's called a "raw" diet. And it's not what you think. I can't just go to the store and buy people grade salmon and expect for him to be able to eat it. We'll get into the method behind the madness of raw food in posts to come!

Asher goes in later this week for a blood re-test to check his kidney function. He may need to be medicated and given fluids for the rest of his life.

Little One

He also loves licking walls and sleeping on the top bunk of my bed. How he gets is massive asher fats domino self up there still amazes me.


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