The Crew, the Crew, the Crew is on Fire! We don't need no water let... 'em burn!

I chat about the Brewers plenty on Twitter and need to just take a moment to say: The Brewers make my liver quiver.
Yes. I said it.

I suppose I'm not used to rooting for a winning team. I'm a Bears fan on top of my Brewers fanaticism for crying out loud.

A couple new updates:

Zach Greinke is 9-0 for starts at Miller Park.

The Brewers are currently .810 since the All Star Break (23 for 27). That record is the best since the Oakland A's in 2002.

The "Magic Number" as of tonight is 23.

Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and Nyjer Morgan will be on the August 24, 2011 cover of Sports Illustrated.
                            Nyjer "Tony Plush" Morgan says: "I'm so fired up," he said. "I never thought a guy from the east side of San Jose                                 would be with two of baseball's favorite players on the cover of Sports Illustrated. It's pretty cool being with those                                 two guys on there."

The "Cover Boys" Collectively went 7 for 12 at bats after they found they'd be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Brewers have already had two 17-hit games in 2011. One tonight. The other was on April 22, 2011

Beautiful stats. More to come!

I was there.

I saw Prince hit his two-run homer (his 19th of the season) in the 6th inning. Then the pitching change. And the crowd! The crowd remained on our feet as we cheered for our Prince who'd just taken the lead out from under Westbrook.

Glorious. There's no other word to describe the energy in the park being contained by the closed roof. It was simply electric (okay, I suppose that's another word.) I'd say the crowd went wild for about four minutes. Prince came out of the dugout for a curtain call. I got goosebumps.

A series sweep on the line. First place in the NL Central: on the line. Check and check. How sweet it is. Brewers are FIRST PLACE! Now it will be hard work to stay there. But this energized BrewCrew looks like they're ready.

Starting pitchers have hit their stride. The bats are heating up. ESPN tells me the Brewers are Red Hot. (Duh!)

I say the Brewers will finish the season 92-70. That looks good to me!

Icing on the cake today: Zack Greinke bobblehead is mine!
The Brewers have taken 2 from the Marlins already. There are two more games to go in the wraparound series in Florida. Both wins were comeback wins. (Wait, is this really MY Brewers team? Two comeback wins in a row? Unheard of!)

To make it short and sweet: I had a dream last night that I was watching the Brewers win 4-1.
I can't say that I saw the Brewers beat the Marlins. I also can't say I believe that my dream will actually come true.

Here's hoping Chris Narveson can pull it off. He's sitting on an ERA of 4.68 and has won two and lost four this season. If the defense can stay solid (barring any Yuni-esque screw ups) I think that the Crew has a good chance today.

2 down. (2 won.) 2 more to go in Florida. Then the Crew comes back home!

My friend Danica asked me last week if I'd like to go to the game with her. Little did I know what I was in for!

Front. Row. I've never sat that close before.

Yovani pitched 9 strikeouts and only allowed one run in seven innings (and scattered five hits).

I got the opportunity to see Corey Hart hit THREE home runs (his first of the season after being hitless his first 11 AB). Prince went yard, too, his 11th. There were some awesome plays by the Brewers defense and it seemed it couldn't get any better.

The girls and I were on the JumboTron. I've never been on the big screen before! We ended up sitting near a classmate of mine, Megan, too!

In the fifth inning, Rickie Weeks hit a line drive foul ball. Into the face of a woman sitting an isle and 5 seats away from me. Yikes. Minutes later, a staffer came out to present the "victim" with a signed bat. I was so close, you can see "Get Well Soon - Rickie Weeks" signed on the bat.


A high-five from the Bratwurst Racing Sausage topped off the night. I could definitely get used to seats like that! Of note: I always pick the Hot Dog Racing Sausage (#4) to win. He rarely does. But he won tonight! Serendipitous, I say.

The only thing missing was ice cream served in a helmet. Apparently that vendor is closed on Mondays. I decided to try a new Sugar Free LimeLite: Ryan Braun-endorsed energy drink. It was pleasantly yummy and was 5 bucks. Not bad for an energy drink at a stadium price.

Of note: As of tonight, the Brewers have an 7-home-game winning streak and have won 11 of the last 14 games. They're HOT. Turn it up! Way up.





The Brewers swept the Rockies today. AND they're now back above .500. I was there to see it!

What better way to spend my Graduation Day? After Commencement we shot on over to McGinn's for their "Brachos" (Brat-covered nachos - delish!) and a Bloody (with gin - try it!) then hop on the shuttle to the game. There's no better way. If there is, please fill me in.

Randy Wolf has proved once again that he really can be a solid pitcher. I'd like to see better than a 4-4 record from that guy. He's something that the Brewers' younger pitching staff should really be looking to for his "je ne se quois" on the mound. He's always so collected.

Brauny hit an in-the-park accidental homer. It was a sight to see, for sure. Gomez and Weeks both scored. Here's the thing: the score was 3-1 but the Brewers only had mustered one hit. They only had two hits to end the game.

It was a great defensive game! I saw a couple of beautiful double plays and Casey McGehee's glove was hot - on McGehee bobblehead day no less!

The Crew is 3.5 games behind the NL Central leaders, those dang Cincinnati Reds. (I'll also add that I miss having Fransisco Cordero on the Brewers' side!)

The Crew is truly on a roll. They have won 8 of the last 10 games! Let's do this. Turn it up, Crew. I really do think there's still a chance for them to make the playoffs.

It seems that the team is really coming together embracing the fact that they don't always need to swing for the fences in order to get a W on the scorecard.

Perhaps the Crew didn't necessarily deserve to win tonight's game by the box score, but it's clear the team isn't out of it. Adam McCalvy reported on the game and got this quote:

                    "I think baseball always seems to work that way," Braun said. "When you're going good, it feels like you get breaks.                         When you're struggling, it feels like you never get the breaks the other team does. You try to take advantage of it while                     you're going good."

I'm excited to go see the Brewers play one against the Nationals tomorrow! My friend got some great tickets near the Brewers' dugout.
After a 10-game road trip the Brewers finally are back at Miller Park to face the Padres and Pirates.

So much chatter is whirling with excitement of Cy-Young Greinke's Miller Park debut. I'm glad to hear there's still excitement in the air. After going 2-8 on the road, Brewers fans still have something to be excited about. The possibility to see a (future) legend pitch for their team. My team!

Greinke's Brewers debut left a little to be desired, though. Hopefully being back "home" will help calm him. The kid does get anxious.

The one question plaguing us fans (and I'm sure, the coaches as well): Where the heck is our offense!? Braun is now the only starting player with a BA still over .300. He hovers at .307 at first pitch tonight. The only other player with above .300? Nyjer Morgan at .379, though he's only been to the plate 29 times versus Braun's 127 AB. Morgan just broke his finger and will be out for about a month. Fab. (Remember he was just out for over a week with a bruise.)

The question: is Dale Sveum, hitting coach, responsible for this slide in production? The whole offense was looking dominant through April. Their performance this month has us yelling "MayDay! MayDay!" In my opinion, Sveum has nothing to do with the lack of contact. I say it's all in their heads. They better shape up, and fast.

The next two series are absolutely critical. For the fans. For the team's psyche. For the playoffs!!!

Solution: the guys should go old-school and show their stirrups! It worked for Yovani. He almost had a No-No. I'll settle for the shutout aided by the Axman.
Greinke's debut for the Brewers was much anticipated. Last night's game - the second of the day - versus the Braves had to have been the worst let-down for Brewers fans since the Crew went out during the first round playoffs in 2008.

Greinke threw 86 pitches in four innings. He also allowed 5 runs (one was unearned). He struck out 4. His ERA out of last night's game is 9.00. Ouch.

I wonder if it was Greinke's anxiety that got to him during his debut. Some believe that he chose Milwaukee over somewhere like New York or LA because of the smaller market. Perhaps being back in Milwaukee on Monday will calm him down.

We fans can only hope that everything will come together. Hart's back. Morgan's back. Greinke makes his Miller Park debut on Monday May 9th.

Come on, Crew. Step it up!!!
Randy Wolf.

A couple of years ago that name wouldn't mean much to a Brewers' fan. This year, though, Wolf has been making waves. The veteran pitcher is underestimated. I'll admit, I was a little nervous going into today's game. A Halladay-Wolf matchup seemed daunting. Especially after the Brewers exhausted the bullpen in the Monday series opener in the 12-inning win (6-3) against the Phillies. Noteable: Shawn Marcum gave up no earned runs Monday. Axford looked shaky.

Tonight was an icing-on-the-cake for the start of the week. The Phillies had not yet lost a series this season. Until they met the Brewers.

Braun reached base 4 times and had one homer . McGehee went yard for three runs on Herndon after Halladay took a seat.

Inconsistency is still plaguing my favorite team. How could they possibly beat the Phillies twice after losing three to the Nationals? THE NATIONALS!? Oh. They now have Ankiel (from the Cardinals). LaRoche isn't bad if he's in a do-or-die situation.  They also have Jason Werth who's been a weapon in the past.  I digress.

I'm quite proud of Randy Wolf. Perhaps because I'm always a sucker for the underdog. I'd say out of the current pitching lineup, he's the one that I hear other fans groan about.

According to Brewers writer Adam McCalvy, the last time Roy Halladay allowed 6 earned runs was over a year ago. The Phillies were playing the Yankees. GO CREW!

The Brewers need to iron out their inconsistencies. The boys really do have  a chance this year, if they can keep their heads in check. And their bodies healthy. I'm eagerly anticipating Greinke's arrival. Hawkins, Parra and Hart won't be long. Maybe with our complete team we could see streamers & champagne at Miller Park once more.

Here's hoping!




Helluva game pitched by the very young Brewer's Ace, Yovani Gallardo on Tuesday. His first start at Miller Park for the year. The Crew never allowed a runner (there were only 2) to reach second base. Oh, Yovani is also the only one who scored in the game with help of Ryan Braun's bat.
Yovaini's 3rd career shutout.
His 4th career complete game. Faboosh!

The Brewers were the last team to win a game in the National League. Oh well. Better late than never!

1-4 is MUCH better than oh-and-four. We'll be okay. The Red Sox still haven't won, neither have the Tampa Bay Rays. Ha!

All I can say is I'm more than impressed by the way the young (younger than me!) Yovani performed on Tuesday. He looked like a veteran Ace pitcher. It was just beautiful.

And then on Wednesday we bring in Marco Estrada. Wait, who? For a minute I was embarrassed because I did not recognize the player's name. He got called up from AAA the day before (oh, maybe I should start paying attention to those players too). Word on the street is Roenicke wasn't willing to try out Mitre because he's only good for about 4 innings. Our bridge pitchers just aren't there yet. They were already worn out from the series in Cincinnati (the series-that-shall-not-be-named). So the team "waived" goodbye to Dan Merklinger to make room for Estrada.

Estrada helped lead the Crew to a 5-4 victory.

It looks like Estrada's staying. But time will tell. He gave up six hits and a three-run homer served by the Braves' Jason Heyward. Time will tell. Greinke actually pitched a simulated game today, Friday April 8.

Thursday's game we saw Shaun Marcum once again. He makes me nervous. It didn't help that he had a shaky first two innings. He walked two in the first two innings, and then gave up two runs in the second. Yipes. He looked shaky and then brought it all together and regained command. Hey, I might like this guy!

Brewers win 4-2 recording a W for Marcum and the second save in a row for closer John Axford.

The rest of the team is obviously energized by the overnight turnaround by the pitching staff. I know I'm encouraged.

I still believe Nyjer Morgan is an amazing addition to our clubhouse. He's a character. Speaking of, you can follow his alter-ego on twitter: @Tony_Plush.  Now you'll know why some of the commentators refer to "Tony Plush." You're welcome.

Next up: goat for dinner. That'll get those Cubbies running back down to Chi-town where they belong. On the mound tonight: veteran Randy Wolf vs. big boy Carlos Zambrano.

Oh, the Brewers go into tonight's game 3-4. Just thought I'd throw that in there. GO CREW!!!!

This is DEFINITELY not the way I envisioned the Brewers starting off the season.

Especially not after the Opening Day back-to-back home run show put on by Rickie Weeks and Carlos Gomez against the Reds on the 31st. It's all been downhill from there.

Woah woah. Slow your roll down that hill. There are 158 more games to go! Perk up fans, it's going to be okay!

Lucroy, Hart and Greinke will be back soon. (Really, they will be.)

It seems that our hitting is what needs help. Well that and all of our pitching EXCEPT the starting pitching. Gallardo, Marcum and Narveson all look quite good. Wolf could use a little bit more control, but he's always been hot and cold. They just need the flippin' run support. Am I right? (The answer is YES.)

Hitting HR's is exciting, but it is never going to guarantee that the Brewers will win games. Nope. Let's play a game called: hit for the cycle. Maybe the Brewers should try it.

The relief pitchers scare the crap out of me. Every. Single. One of them. Wasn't Axford supposed to be our guy? Not to mention the others. Loe, Kintzler, Mitre, Saito... YIKES.

The Brewers are officially last in the NL Central. That's only because the Astros have only played 3 games. Their record is 0-3.
The Red Sox haven't won a game yet either. It's early people.

But if the Crew is going to have my estimated 92-wins this season, they best start winning now. That and stay healthy.

Also of note: found through one of my tweeps: All 8 playoff teams in '10 had losing streak of at least 4g at some point last year. NYY only team without a 5g L streak. Thanks @jenlada and @jstein1981 for that! (So you're sayin' there's a chance!)