No doubt about it, I love my Brewers. If you look close enough, I will more often than not be seen with something that's blue & yellow on me.

I'm absolutely elated that the Brewers split-squad at least managed to beat the Cubs on Monday the 28th (even though they lost to the Giants... win some, lose some.) And then on the 1st they beat the White Sox! Most excellent.

OH: It's only spring training. Yeah. I know. I can't help but get excited this year. Really. Attanasio really went in there and got our Milwaukee Brewers what we need to win. I strongly believe this. The Zack Greinke signing is HUGE. A Cy Young award winner hasn't graced the team with his presence since CC Sabathia did. How did that turn out for us? *Ahem* Rather well, I'd say. 2008 Wild Card? Hell. Yes.

Greinke kind of overshadows some of the other major signings of the off season. What about Shaun Marcum? He's young and has a career ERA of 3.85. Not too shabby if you ask me. He'll be a fabulous addition to the team.

Pitching, pitching, pitching. Yessss. It's what I like to hear.

Read more about the changes Attanasio and his staff made to my beloved BrewCrew here.

Diamond Dancer
3/10/2011 07:46:20 am

i just hope Greinke realizes basketball is not his fort, stick with baseball, and not break any more ribs or have any other injuries this season! luckily for us hopefully he's reported to only be out about 2 weeks in regular season.


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