Greinke's debut for the Brewers was much anticipated. Last night's game - the second of the day - versus the Braves had to have been the worst let-down for Brewers fans since the Crew went out during the first round playoffs in 2008.

Greinke threw 86 pitches in four innings. He also allowed 5 runs (one was unearned). He struck out 4. His ERA out of last night's game is 9.00. Ouch.

I wonder if it was Greinke's anxiety that got to him during his debut. Some believe that he chose Milwaukee over somewhere like New York or LA because of the smaller market. Perhaps being back in Milwaukee on Monday will calm him down.

We fans can only hope that everything will come together. Hart's back. Morgan's back. Greinke makes his Miller Park debut on Monday May 9th.

Come on, Crew. Step it up!!!

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