The Brewers have taken 2 from the Marlins already. There are two more games to go in the wraparound series in Florida. Both wins were comeback wins. (Wait, is this really MY Brewers team? Two comeback wins in a row? Unheard of!)

To make it short and sweet: I had a dream last night that I was watching the Brewers win 4-1.
I can't say that I saw the Brewers beat the Marlins. I also can't say I believe that my dream will actually come true.

Here's hoping Chris Narveson can pull it off. He's sitting on an ERA of 4.68 and has won two and lost four this season. If the defense can stay solid (barring any Yuni-esque screw ups) I think that the Crew has a good chance today.

2 down. (2 won.) 2 more to go in Florida. Then the Crew comes back home!

6/5/2011 03:53:09

with yuni on the bench, your premonition is looking good...


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