Yesterday the Brewers acquired Nyjer Morgan. I began liking the guy when I saw him play in June 2010 at Nationals Park. He's FAST. Needless to say, I'm pumped about the acquisition.

Morgan will be a backup for Carlos Gomez, whom the Brewers named starting center fielder last week. Apparently Go-Go-Gomez doesn't have anything to worry about as far as Morgan taking his job. It's not about that, says Doug Melvin. "Every day there's a new injury, and you have to protect yourself."

I see only positives with adding Morgan to the roster.
1. A center fielder has a lot of ground to cover. Now we have two really fast ones in Gomez and Morgan.
2. Offensively he went 34 for 51 attempts at stealing. I'm no expert but I like those odds.
3. Competition makes everyone play a little better (::cough:: maybe Gomez will focus more ::cough::)
4. He's almost a Major League Baseball Veteran, playing for his fifth year.

Some people wonder, though.
He did cause a bench-clearing brawl last year that cost him $15,000 and 8 games. Ouch. Can I just say, maybe it was just passion. Or maybe it's because he's also a hockey player. Yup. In 2000 he was playing hockey! (He's not playing any more.)

Perhaps he and Prince can look at each other and realize that fighting is not the answer.

Nyjer Morgan fun fact:
His debut in the Majors was in 2007 as a Pittsburgh Pirate. Against the Milwaukee Brewers!

My favorite Brewers writer Adam McCalvy wrote THIS about the trade.

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