The Brewers swept the Rockies today. AND they're now back above .500. I was there to see it!

What better way to spend my Graduation Day? After Commencement we shot on over to McGinn's for their "Brachos" (Brat-covered nachos - delish!) and a Bloody (with gin - try it!) then hop on the shuttle to the game. There's no better way. If there is, please fill me in.

Randy Wolf has proved once again that he really can be a solid pitcher. I'd like to see better than a 4-4 record from that guy. He's something that the Brewers' younger pitching staff should really be looking to for his "je ne se quois" on the mound. He's always so collected.

Brauny hit an in-the-park accidental homer. It was a sight to see, for sure. Gomez and Weeks both scored. Here's the thing: the score was 3-1 but the Brewers only had mustered one hit. They only had two hits to end the game.

It was a great defensive game! I saw a couple of beautiful double plays and Casey McGehee's glove was hot - on McGehee bobblehead day no less!

The Crew is 3.5 games behind the NL Central leaders, those dang Cincinnati Reds. (I'll also add that I miss having Fransisco Cordero on the Brewers' side!)

The Crew is truly on a roll. They have won 8 of the last 10 games! Let's do this. Turn it up, Crew. I really do think there's still a chance for them to make the playoffs.

It seems that the team is really coming together embracing the fact that they don't always need to swing for the fences in order to get a W on the scorecard.

Perhaps the Crew didn't necessarily deserve to win tonight's game by the box score, but it's clear the team isn't out of it. Adam McCalvy reported on the game and got this quote:

                    "I think baseball always seems to work that way," Braun said. "When you're going good, it feels like you get breaks.                         When you're struggling, it feels like you never get the breaks the other team does. You try to take advantage of it while                     you're going good."

I'm excited to go see the Brewers play one against the Nationals tomorrow! My friend got some great tickets near the Brewers' dugout.

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