Randy Wolf.

A couple of years ago that name wouldn't mean much to a Brewers' fan. This year, though, Wolf has been making waves. The veteran pitcher is underestimated. I'll admit, I was a little nervous going into today's game. A Halladay-Wolf matchup seemed daunting. Especially after the Brewers exhausted the bullpen in the Monday series opener in the 12-inning win (6-3) against the Phillies. Noteable: Shawn Marcum gave up no earned runs Monday. Axford looked shaky.

Tonight was an icing-on-the-cake for the start of the week. The Phillies had not yet lost a series this season. Until they met the Brewers.

Braun reached base 4 times and had one homer . McGehee went yard for three runs on Herndon after Halladay took a seat.

Inconsistency is still plaguing my favorite team. How could they possibly beat the Phillies twice after losing three to the Nationals? THE NATIONALS!? Oh. They now have Ankiel (from the Cardinals). LaRoche isn't bad if he's in a do-or-die situation.  They also have Jason Werth who's been a weapon in the past.  I digress.

I'm quite proud of Randy Wolf. Perhaps because I'm always a sucker for the underdog. I'd say out of the current pitching lineup, he's the one that I hear other fans groan about.

According to Brewers writer Adam McCalvy, the last time Roy Halladay allowed 6 earned runs was over a year ago. The Phillies were playing the Yankees. GO CREW!

The Brewers need to iron out their inconsistencies. The boys really do have  a chance this year, if they can keep their heads in check. And their bodies healthy. I'm eagerly anticipating Greinke's arrival. Hawkins, Parra and Hart won't be long. Maybe with our complete team we could see streamers & champagne at Miller Park once more.

Here's hoping!

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