Helluva game pitched by the very young Brewer's Ace, Yovani Gallardo on Tuesday. His first start at Miller Park for the year. The Crew never allowed a runner (there were only 2) to reach second base. Oh, Yovani is also the only one who scored in the game with help of Ryan Braun's bat.
Yovaini's 3rd career shutout.
His 4th career complete game. Faboosh!

The Brewers were the last team to win a game in the National League. Oh well. Better late than never!

1-4 is MUCH better than oh-and-four. We'll be okay. The Red Sox still haven't won, neither have the Tampa Bay Rays. Ha!

All I can say is I'm more than impressed by the way the young (younger than me!) Yovani performed on Tuesday. He looked like a veteran Ace pitcher. It was just beautiful.

And then on Wednesday we bring in Marco Estrada. Wait, who? For a minute I was embarrassed because I did not recognize the player's name. He got called up from AAA the day before (oh, maybe I should start paying attention to those players too). Word on the street is Roenicke wasn't willing to try out Mitre because he's only good for about 4 innings. Our bridge pitchers just aren't there yet. They were already worn out from the series in Cincinnati (the series-that-shall-not-be-named). So the team "waived" goodbye to Dan Merklinger to make room for Estrada.

Estrada helped lead the Crew to a 5-4 victory.

It looks like Estrada's staying. But time will tell. He gave up six hits and a three-run homer served by the Braves' Jason Heyward. Time will tell. Greinke actually pitched a simulated game today, Friday April 8.

Thursday's game we saw Shaun Marcum once again. He makes me nervous. It didn't help that he had a shaky first two innings. He walked two in the first two innings, and then gave up two runs in the second. Yipes. He looked shaky and then brought it all together and regained command. Hey, I might like this guy!

Brewers win 4-2 recording a W for Marcum and the second save in a row for closer John Axford.

The rest of the team is obviously energized by the overnight turnaround by the pitching staff. I know I'm encouraged.

I still believe Nyjer Morgan is an amazing addition to our clubhouse. He's a character. Speaking of, you can follow his alter-ego on twitter: @Tony_Plush.  Now you'll know why some of the commentators refer to "Tony Plush." You're welcome.

Next up: goat for dinner. That'll get those Cubbies running back down to Chi-town where they belong. On the mound tonight: veteran Randy Wolf vs. big boy Carlos Zambrano.

Oh, the Brewers go into tonight's game 3-4. Just thought I'd throw that in there. GO CREW!!!!

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