After a 10-game road trip the Brewers finally are back at Miller Park to face the Padres and Pirates.

So much chatter is whirling with excitement of Cy-Young Greinke's Miller Park debut. I'm glad to hear there's still excitement in the air. After going 2-8 on the road, Brewers fans still have something to be excited about. The possibility to see a (future) legend pitch for their team. My team!

Greinke's Brewers debut left a little to be desired, though. Hopefully being back "home" will help calm him. The kid does get anxious.

The one question plaguing us fans (and I'm sure, the coaches as well): Where the heck is our offense!? Braun is now the only starting player with a BA still over .300. He hovers at .307 at first pitch tonight. The only other player with above .300? Nyjer Morgan at .379, though he's only been to the plate 29 times versus Braun's 127 AB. Morgan just broke his finger and will be out for about a month. Fab. (Remember he was just out for over a week with a bruise.)

The question: is Dale Sveum, hitting coach, responsible for this slide in production? The whole offense was looking dominant through April. Their performance this month has us yelling "MayDay! MayDay!" In my opinion, Sveum has nothing to do with the lack of contact. I say it's all in their heads. They better shape up, and fast.

The next two series are absolutely critical. For the fans. For the team's psyche. For the playoffs!!!

Solution: the guys should go old-school and show their stirrups! It worked for Yovani. He almost had a No-No. I'll settle for the shutout aided by the Axman.

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